Radio Frequency Directional Power Sensor


For high power Radio Frequency (RF) systems, power monitoring and sampling, at different junctions is a necessary process for system commissioning, fault debugging and health monitoring. This task is accomplished with the help of directional RF power sensor, mostly imported in India from foreign countries. It acts as a single channel plug-in device in the transmission line of RF systems for providing RF power in forward and reverse directions. A newly designed high power (500 W) directional RF power sensor with dual channels is developed in DAE. It is a thru line coupler and sensor with built-in digital conversion and scaling of data. The converted data is represented in direct milli-dBm unit and is communicated on standard RS422/485 interface. It is compact in size, accurate, cost efficient and indigenous product when compared to imported unit. It does not need any meter to monitor RF power. Optionally it can be interfaced to a normal computer.