Tablet computer based, user-friendly portable optical spectroscopic device for screening/ diagnosis of oral cavity cancer


OncoDiagnoScope is a tablet computer based, compact and portable health-care instrument for real-time screening/ diagnosis of oral cavity cancer. A touch-screen enabled graphic user interface (GUI) software provides the necessary interface for the hardware control of the instrument and automation of data acquisition and analyses. During carcinogenesis, the optical properties of oral mucosa are altered. These optical changes can be measured with this USB powered machine using a pencil-sized stainless steel fiber optic probe. The fiber optic probe is brought in contact with the suspected tissue of the oral cavity of a patient and light is shone upon it. The light coming out of the tissue is captured and fed to the tablet computer where it is analyzed by a smart algorithm which can instantly determine whether the tissue is cancerous or not. The device has been validated on patients with oral neoplasia in various hospitals and cancer screening camps and found to detect cancer with an accuracy of over 90%.

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