Bonding and Packaging, and Testing Technology of High Power Laser Diode Arrays for Diode Pumped Solid State Laser Module


Technology for the bonding and packaging of high-power laser diode arrays is developed. The bonded and packaged laser diode arrays were used to pump a solid-state laser, where the peak output power of 25 kW with 80 ns of pulse duration at 10 kHz of repetition rate in Q-switched mode and 51.5 W CW power was achieved. The laser diode arrays in working conditions were mounted on the indigenously developed mechanical mounts. The mounted device is referred as bullet, where several laser didoes in a bullet work in a parallel combination. Subsequently, a die bonding procedure was used to bond 5 number of bullets on specially designed mounts in a series combination. Such a device assembly consisting of 5 bullets is referred as a diode rod. Three number of diode rods were mounted in a special cylindrical assembly such that they are connected in a series combination. A solid-state Nd:YAG rod was mounted at the center of the housing assembly for the realization of pumping process. The entire assembly is water cooled thus ensuring an efficient removal of the heat from the diode rods which is essential for its successful operation. The technology for bonding and packaging of laser diode arrays for the pumping of solid-state laser is now ready for the transfer.