Liquid Nitrogen Based Transportable Refrigeration System for Vaccine - Sheetal Vahak Yantra (SHIVAY-V)


Liquid Nitrogen Based Transportable Refrigeration System- Sheetal Vahak Yantra (SHIVAY-V) for transportation pharmaceutical products (including vaccines) at any temperature, up-to minus 70 °C has been developed. This container has a cargo handling volume of 266cubic feet, and can hold 2 standard pallets. This transportation can be carried out with this refrigerated container mounted on any truck or it can be built on the chassis of any vehicle. It is refrigerated by using liquid nitrogen. This technology has been tailor made for Indian conditions and is aimed at solving issues like high maintenance when travelling on rough roads. The system does not use diesel or CFC for refrigeration and hence is 100% eco-friendly. It generates no pollutant gases or sound, and is economical to use.