60 kW RF Broadband Dual Directional Coupler


Directional Coupler is an indispensable measurement tool that provides a convenient and accurate means of sampling of RF energy in high power RF systems. Unlike other method of power sampling, Directional coupler also provides important capability of separating travelling waves in forward and reverse direction, thus enabling measurement of power levels in both directions to be precise. Especially when high power levels are involved, a Directional coupler should provide a low power signal, without any adjustment parts, that should be in the measurement range of RF sensor. For High power RF systems, RF power monitoring at multiple interfaces is a must requirement, especially with High Q RF resonators, for RF system commissioning, troubleshooting and continuous health monitoring. This is achieved with the help of high-power Directional Coupler, mostly procured from outside the country.


Forward and reflected RF measurement of High-power systems.