Agni Rakshak - Raman optical fiber based distributed fire sensor system


'Agni-Rakshak' is a Raman optical fiber distributed temperature sensor system that can detect distributed and local fire events over long lengths. It basically measures the distributed temperature over long lengths (up to few hundred meters or more) along the sensing fiber. Here, the optical fiber itself acts as an array of distributed sensing elements. The system is very useful in detecting the onset of fire by sensing the heat. It has the capability to provide the information about the location, width and temperature of the fire zone to which the sensing fiber is subjected to. The system can generate the audio-visual alarms for various fire zones in the fiber. 'Agni-Rakshak' has its applications in fire monitoring in hospitals, buildings, road & rail tunnels, stations, cable trays of power cables, high capacity transformers, coal conveyors, warehouse and storage, cement industry, oil & gas Industry, Nuclear industry and sensitive installations etc.