Raman probe


The Raman probe developed at RRCAT is meant for in situ measurement of good quality Raman spectra from low Raman-active materials like biological tissues. Unlike the commercially available Raman probes which are found to introduce various artefacts that interfere with the Raman signatures appearing in the fingerprint region of the tissue Raman spectra and lead to confusion in its interpretation, the developed probe is based on a novel design by which it helps avoid these artefacts. Further, the design also optimizes collection efficiency enabling in situ measurement of good-quality, artefact-free Raman spectra from biological tissues within a few seconds. The developed Raman probe is expected to further the use of Raman spectroscopy in the field of biomedical applications where in situ measurement of Raman spectra is often desired but not possible because of unavailability of a suitable Raman probe.

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