Laser Additive Manufacturing Services

RRCAT has indigenously developed both Laser Additive Manufacturing systems, i.e., Directed Energy Deposition (LAM-DED) and Powder Bed Fusion (LAM-PBF) systems with a mission is to conduct cutting edge Additive Manufacturing research and development involving different materials. The developed systems are being extensively used for R&D and also to cater various in-house requirements.

 lam ded  lam pbf

LAM-DED System

LAM-PBF System

A number of components including complex shaped components (which are difficult-to-make using conventional processes) and multi-material components have been successfully built and tested. List of materials that has been processed using LAM includes: Fe-based, Ni-based, Co-based, Ti-based, pure Cu, pure Mo, WC-Ni, and WC-Co. Some of the components built using LAM system is shown below:

 deloro  mesh spacers  cladding  bushes

Deloro-50 bushes

Mesh type spacers

Large surface cladding

WC Bushes

Presently, there are limitations for Indian industries and academia to adopt this advanced technology due to high cost of imported LAM systems and unavailability of LAM specific expertise. It is envisaged that the availability of indigenously LAM systems as services on chargeable basis will encourage to:

  1. Application development by industries and academia to take the technology to broader public domain.
  2. Build the confidence and promotion for starting or augmentation new venture as a job-shop using indigenous technology in this domain.

Therefore, Incubation Centre RRCAT offers LAM services of LAM-DED and LAM-PBF system from industries and academia.

For availing the LAM services, please do send an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) with a short application note.